Love Letters Leave No Trace: Memento Mori (the white shoot)

Love Letters Leave No Trace is a multipart, many year performance and documentation project that explores the environmental, emotional, and psychological impact of human celebration.  Inspired by the imagery of children’s birthday parties, Love Letters is a series of monochromatic ritualistic “love letters” in which balloons bearing text are spontaneously installed in a landscape by the daughter of the artist.  These ritual performance installations are documented, and then carefully removed leaving no trace.  The debris from the celebratory love letter is collected to be built into functional objects for later use.

Each chapter of the project explores a different color palette, period of childhood development, and text

Memento Mori/the white shoot

The story:

“It’s Little Miss Green’s Birthday next month and her Birthday isn’t a Birthday without balloons. Personally I hate the things. To me they are litter or landfill waste at best; an environmental hazard to wildlife at worst.

Even though Little Miss Green is an animal lover and regularly goes litter picking, these things go out of her mind when there is some serious celebrating to be done.”

Quoted from:


“The silence. The Salitter draining from the earth

A sound without Cognate and so without description.”

Quoted from: The Road; Cormac McCarthy; 2007

Artist, Creative Director:  Natalie Brewster Nguyen

Installation Artist: Ursula Ray Chicago Molina Brewster Nguyen (age 5)

Producer: Matthew Riederer

Photographer:  Sway