pocha crow

“I can hear in your voice
you were born in one country
and will die in another,

and where you live is where you’ll be buried,
and when you dream it’s where you were born,

and the moon never hangs in both skies
on the same night,

and that’s why you think the moon has a sister,
that’s why your day is hostage to your nights,

and that’s why you can’t sleep except by forgetting,
you can’t love except by remembering.”
-from “Restless” by Li-Young Lee


I am interested in the roots of things. The distillation of meaning. The immediacy of home and the origins of obsession.

“part of the strangeness of being human is our need of boundaries, parameters, definitions, explanations, and our need for them to be overturned. “ -Jeannette Winterson

Wild party 1 Photo by Dan Stein

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